Recently I have been reading a bit of Henri Bergson for a project, and I
have been wondering if much (if anything) has been written about his
theories of the cinematic apparatus.
I've done a little research and found almost nothing specifically dealing
with what Bergson has to say about cinema.  There is quite a bit of
Bergson in Deleuze (and it does come up a bit in CINEMA 1 & CINEMA 2), and
there has been some recent stuff written by philosophers concerning
Bergson's relation to "postmodernism."
However, I have not come across any direct work by film people (or even
visual arts people) and Bergson's theory of cinema, even though one of his
major books, CREATIVE EVOLUTION has a major section in which Bergson draws
out relationships between cinema, time, and consciousness.
Whatever anyone might know, I would be glad to talk more about this.
brian k aurand
comparative literature
university of maryland at college park
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