The Screen-L moderating system slipped up recently and allowed another
post from Woodside International Literary Agency to slip through (see
below).  Woodside is a frequent sender of bulk e-mail (spam).  Usually
we catch their spam before it gets through to Screen-L, but we missed
one this week.
As a "literary agency," Woodside's business practices have been called
into question. In addition, they have been accused of using the Internet
to merciless harass one individual (Jayne Hitchcock) who complained
about their operation.
For the full story, visit Hitchcock's Web page:
--------original message----------------
/We are accepting new and previously published writers for publication.
 We are a NEWYORK based international literary agency with three
2 in NEW YORK and one in FLORIDA. Please follow guidelines for
submission: For all fiction, including screenplays for TV & Movies:
Send us a brief synopsis, the first chapter, and include a
stamped envelope=S.A.S.E.
Short Stories: Send brief synopsis, 3 pages, S.A.S.E.
Poetry: Send 3 poems, S.A.S.E.
For all nonfiction: Send us a brief synopsis, the first chapter, and
a S.A.S.E.
Do not send complete manuscript unless invited.
33-29 58 Street>>>>>--------------
Woodside, New York
zip: 11377
Tel: 718-651-8145>>>>>>>>_________
Jeremy Butler
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Telecommunication & Film/University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa
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