I know it's a bit early, but I'm moving to a new inst. and will be off-line from
mid-July to Sept.  So, is anyone out there interested in a panel for SCS 98 (in
San Diego?) that might involve the issues of:
1. TV sports as ritual
2. the TV apparatus as mechanical shaman
My own work addresses these issues from a psycho-theatrical viewpoint.  I
presented an essay (with such POV) at the 1996 SCS Conf. that has since been
published in SPECTATOR 16.2 as "The Real Edges of the Screen: Cinema's
Theatrical and Communal Ghosts."  I also have an essay on Jeffrey Dahmer
appearing in the forthcoming anthology from Wayne State, MYTHOLOGIES OF
VIOLENCE, ed. Christopher Sharrett.  My own book, EDGES OF LOSS: FROM MODERN
DRAMA TO POSTMODERN THEORY will be available next year from Univ. of Michigan
Please contact me soon ([log in to unmask]) if you have similar
interests.  Or write to me in the fall:
Mark Pizzato
Dept. of Drama and Theatre
Univ. of N. Carolina at Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28223
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