That would be Klaus Theweleit's two volume MALE FANTASIES, U of Minnesota
Press, 1989.
As for the eroticization of machinery (particularly in relation to
masculinity), take a look at Kenneth Anger's SCORPIO RISING (1962) and
Eisenstein's THE GENERAL LINE (1929).
Connie Shortes
University of Texas at Austin
Department of Radio-Television-Film
>Collateral question. I recall that there was a prefascist movement of German
>rightwing youth called the FREIKORPS, also have a vague memory that a writer
>named Theiwilligkeit ??? wrote an overview of this organization. Also that
>there have been references to the "armored male body" which came up in a
>piece a while back about THE TERMINATOR and similar films.
>Help on these issues greatly appreciated.
>HR Greenberg MD  endit
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