This came across Reuters news service yesterday, regarding the very issue
we've been discussing:
Reuters/Variety Entertainment Summary
'CNN -- Take Two!'
Media companies have an interest in promoting their brand names and USA Today
reports that CNN is not shying away from big screen opportunities. In ``Air
Force One,'' opening next month, it's CNN that breaks the news of a terrorist
attack on the president's plane. Also, CNN anchor Bernard Shaw has a cameo
reading some fake news in ``The Lost World: Jurassic Park.'' Asked to comment
on these forays into hype, a CNN spokesman said if the project is credible
and reasonable then the network has no ethical problem with participating.
17:54 06-10-97
Perhaps I am being cynical, but I perceive the CNN spokesman's term "credible
and reasonable" to translate as
"high profile and likely to be a box office hit."
    Jeanne Krebs
    Baltimore, MD
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