On Mon, 9 Jun 1997 12:23:10 -0600 Dan Streible <[log in to unmask]>
> I am interested in, but have not yet seen, the new Routledge textbook AN
> INTRODUCTION TO FILM STUDIES, edited by Jill Nelmes.  Has the book been
> getting a good reception?  Has anyone used it, as a teacher or student, who
> might share feedback with me?
I haven't heard of it, and am a little surprised that they're doing one, having
just published Susan Hayward's "Key Concepts in Film Studies".  I thought that
the OUP Mast/Cohen book together with Pam Cook's omnipotent "The Cinema Book"
just about had that bit of the market sewn up.  But there again, I suppose it's
hardly surprising that Routledge are trying to conquer the universe...
Leo Enticknap
Univ. of Exeter, UK
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