Here's another question about projection (and even relating to plain old
use of VHS and laserdisc):
How will all of our current standard electronic image technologies be affected
by the switch to digital?  I know that the emphasis on TV vs. computer
digital tech. is still in the works but that the changeover has been mandated.
Should we throw away all our old TV sets and video projectors?  (I have heard
talk of "converters", but what will they do--or not--with the new technology?)
I also know there will be a bunch of new stuff--hardware and DVDs, et al. to
buy.  Will we still be able to use old tapes and discs?
Will this be like having both a tape deck and a CD player--or will it be more
like hanging on vainly to the old turntable and praying that it doesn't break
Don Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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