A specific, technical question for those who project videotapes in large
classrooms.  We have not had great success finding a stable videotape
projection system.  What we've been using seems adequate for black and
white films, but less so for color films.  It is also very inadequate for
foreign films with subtitles--the resolution is never good enough to read
the subtitles without the students getting headaches or complaining.  And
now, that so many important foreign films are no longer available in
16mm, (I just found out, for instance, that there are no good 16mm
prints available of JULIET OF THE SPIRITS), we must increasingly rely on
the projection of videotapes or laserdiscs.
If you have been using a system which you've found to be of great
quality, could you indicate the specific brand names, model number, and
so forth?  Has anyone had great success in projecting films with
subtitles?  Respond either to this list or to me personally.
I would greatly appreciate your input.
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