>night and fog in japan   intriguing film about student radicals in i believe
>l950s japan told through flashback with RASHOMON like flashbacks. Film is
>Oshima's gloss on Night and Fog ideologically and aesthetically.
>hr greenberg md
On that other list, I believe, I wrote in about _Night and Fog in Japan_ in
reference to the original post asking about it.  But I'll mention it here
vis a vis hr greenberg md and his post:  Try reading my book _Eros plus
Massacre:  An Introduction to the Japanese New Wave Cinema_ where I discuss
the film at length.  I also have references in discussion in the book to
other places to look for criticism and analysis. That Oshima's film is a
"gloss" on Resnais's film is overstating the issue by a long shot.
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