>>Hello out there,
>>I am working on a largish project on docudrama.  FARGO is one of the films
>>that I am thinking about.  Pardon me if I am asking something which was
>>thoroughly discussed earlier, but I would like to know about the details
>>of the "real" events upon which Fargo is supposedly based.  Some of the
>>reviewers on the internet movie database claim that the film is in fact
>>based on something real -- but what?  The film itself, in a very
>>interesting way -- and in a manner not dissimilar from THE POSITIVELY TRUE
>>throw doubt upon the "reality" of the events with its style.  This is
>>likely part of both films' parody of the docudrama form itself (much like
>>the parody of documentary in CANE TOADS.) I am interested in how much
>>faith the audience is asked to place in "based on."
>>I have a fairly large bibliography on docudrama which I would be willing
>>to share with anyone who is interested.
>>Jeannette Sloniowski
I can't remember where and when, but somewhere and sometime I read an
interview with the Coen bros., where they admitted that the claim that
Fargo were based on a true story was nothing but a joke.
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