>        I'm glad to hear there's something less than the kind of general
>fawning one finds here in the U.S.
>        We in the States, however, were treated to a recent episode of
>*Seinfeld* in which Elaine alienated everyone she knew by not liking the
>film (to put it mildly).
        This was hilarious. I had quite the same experience after I read the
book. It was written by a Canadian. I live in Canada. It won awards. I
considered it my duty to read it. I hated it. It was bad. People couldn't
believe I said that about our beloved Ondaatje. Tough.
>When the media abdicates its critical role and
>becomes not much more than a publicist for the film industry, it's left to
>wildly successful sitcoms to poke fun at sacred cows.  Go figure.
But the movie was much better to look at than the boring, typically Canadian
yawner of a book was to read. At least it had nice landscapes, some
violence, a bit of tasteful nudity. The book was drab through and through.
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