"TRON" was Disney's first attempt at computer animation, and the plot
    concerns characters who find themselves fighting within the 'logic
    matrix' of a video game.
    "THE LAWNMOWER MAN' and it's lousy sequel take the lead characters
    into cyberspace, and a recent French film "THE GHOST AND HIS DRIVER"
    (starring Phillipe Noiret) features a murdered industrialist who can
    briefly communicate with the living via television sets which quickly
    There is also a short sequence in "DISCLOSURE" (Michael Douglas/Demi
    Moore) featuring 'avatars' working within in a visual database.
    Incidently the 'CAIRO ROSE" film character (Jeff Daniels) stepped
    out of the screen into Mia Farrow's real world, leaving the other
    characters to adlib his exit - very funny stuff!
    Rob P.
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