The mention of LET THERE BE LIGHT prompted me to think of other "shell-shock"
films.  You might consider PATTON and his infamous slapping of shell-shocked
There are also films that deal in one way or another with the results of wars
before WWII.  For example, there is amnesiac Ronald Colman in RANDOM HARVEST.
In DARK ANGEL, Herbert Marshall plays a man blinded, I believe, in the Great
War.  In Renoir's RULES OF THE GAME, the German aristocrat von Rauffenstein
is badly burned and wears a back brace from war injuries.  There are also
various injured veterans among the "Forgotten Men" of the Depression--you
might check GOLDDIGGERS OF 1933, among others.
BTW, has anyone mentioned THE ENGLISH PATIENT?
Other images might include John Wayne, as the Captain with the eyepatch in
Olivier as Lord Nelson in THAT HAMILTON WOMAN.
Don Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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