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[apropos films about prisons & asylums]
> 1.  The texts are all male based thus far, and I would like to make sure
> that there is a further investigation of gender and sexuality issues from
> different positionalities.
What about "I Want to Live" (US 1957, dir. Robert Wise), mainly about Susan
Hayward (the actress, not the professor) in the gas chamber?  The last 3,500
feet or so are set in San Quentin and there are lots more jail scenes.
> 2.  The texts thus far are also very traditional Western texts, and I
> would like to diversify it more to provide different perspectives and
> shcema for thinking through these issues.
Jean Genet's "Un chant d'amour"?
As for asylums, "Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari" certainly counts as a key film,
I would have thought.
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