I was recently revising our list of film/TV/media discussion groups and I
came across several new ones.  So, I thought maybe Screen-Lers would be
interested in seeing the entire list:
 For details on subscribing to discussion groups, see the end of this
 ACTING-L               Professional and Amateur Live and Media Acting
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE AMIA-L YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 AMIA-L                 Association for Moving Image Archivists
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE AMIA-L YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 CINEMA-L               General film (the most active of all of these)
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE CINEMA-L YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 Exhibitionists         Film projection and exhibition
                        Send subscription request to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 Film-Theory            Film theory and aesthetics
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE FILM-THEORY to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 FILMMAKERS             Film making [may be defunct]
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE FILMMAKERS to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 FILMOZ-TALK            Australian film
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE FILMOZ-TALK to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 FILMUS-L               Film music
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE FILMUS-L YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 FrameWorks             Experimental film
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE FRAMEWORKS YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 Godard-list            Film director Jean-Luc Godard
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE GODARD-LIST to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 H-AFRLITCINE           H-NET List for African Literature and Cinema
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE H-AFRLITCINE to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 H-FILM                 Film history and study
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE H-FILM to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 HORROR                 Horror films and fiction
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE HORROR YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 LaborFilms             Films about labor issues
                        Put word SUBSCRIBE in message to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 MEDIAWEB               Film/Video Web sites discussion
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE MEDIAWEB YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 Movies-seivoM          Self-Referential Movies
                        Put command SUBSCRIBE in *subject* line to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 Movieline              Snippets from the magazine, Movieline
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE MOVIELINE YOUR-NAME to:
                                Alexander Volokh <[log in to unmask]>
 NAT-FILM               Discussions on Native American Film/TV
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE NAT-FILM YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 PERFORM-L              Peformance in all media
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE PERFORM-L YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 ROSEBUD                Film students
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE ROSEBUD YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 SCRNWRIT               Screenwriting
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE SCRNWRIT YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 SHOPTALK               Daily newsletter on TV industry
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE SHOPTALK YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 Soundtracks            Film soundtracks
                        Send subscription request to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 SUBSPACE-CHATTER       General Science Fiction Television
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE SUBSPACE-CHATTER YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 Taos-Film              Discussion of films and filmmaking
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE TAOS-FILM to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 TV-L                   General TV
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE TV-L YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]  or
                                [log in to unmask]
 UKFILM-L               United Kingdom Film Mailing List
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE UKFILM-L YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 VISCOM                 Visual communication
                        Send command SUBSCRIBE VISCOM YOUR-NAME to:
                                [log in to unmask]
 Most discussion lists have two addresses:  (1)  the address where
 messages are sent in order to be forwarded to the list's subscribers,
 and (2) the address where the software running the list lives,
 where subscription requests and the like may be sent.
 Many discussion lists are run by software called LISTSERV.
 To subscribe to any of these lists, send e-mail to the LISTSERV that
 runs the list.  Please note that the LISTSERV address is slightly
 different from the address of the list itself.
 If the list address is, for example:
 [log in to unmask]
 Then the LISTSERV that runs CINEMA-L's address will be:
 [log in to unmask]
 Thus, to subscribe you would address mail to the LISTSERV's address
 and put the following command in the body of the message (not the
 subject header):
 SUBSCRIBE listname your-name
 Replace "listname" with CINEMA-L or whichever list you're joining and
 replace "your-name" with your name as you'd like it to appear on the
 list.  Thus, if I were subscribing to CINEMA-L, I'd send in the following:
 Now, if you want a big ol' list of lists you can have one
 mailed to you by sending e-mail to any LISTSERV (note:  use the LISTSERV's
 address, not a list's like CINEMA-L's) with the following command:
 Send this to, say, [log in to unmask], and you'll get a file mailed
 to you with a one-line description of every LISTSERV list known to
 man and woman.
 LISTSERV is the most widespread of list server software, but many
 other types are also out there.  The film/TV discussion lists
 above may have different subscription routines, but all work
 similarly:  just send in a subscription command and stand back.
Jeremy Butler
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