Historicize, my young friend!  A clearer "prototpe" is surely John Wayne's
Sargeant Stryker in _Sands of Iwo Jima_ (1949). And there are earlier
examples, too, I'm sure (think of Victor McLaglen in Ford's _Fort Apache_,
also with John Wayne, made around the same time as _Sands_,) but the Duke's
character entered American consciousness perhaps more than earlier avatars
and,I would have thought, remained there.
>A friend and I were discussing the strereotypical, loud mouthed drill
>sargeant--the prototype would have to be Louis Gossett, Jr. in AN OFFICER
>Would ya'll be willing to list other examples of this character on the screen?
>Off the top of my head, I can name two more.  The hilarious basic training
>sequences in Woody Allen's LOVE AND DEATH, and also the sargent in FULL
>Could anyone else help me out?
David Desser,UIUC Cinema Studies
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