Tony Williams wrote:
> Let us hope that the forthcoming laserdisc SUNRISE will be much better than
>copies generally available. When I met William K. Everson in St. Louis some
>years ago he ran a duped 16mm print of the film and explained that it was,
>unfortunately, the only type of copy available since original mint versions
>were not around. But, if they can find a good print of FAUST, then perhaps...
I don't know that anyone here on Screen-L has noted the passing of William
K. Everson last year.  There's a touching memorial piece by Kevin Browlow
in the current (Jan-Feb '97) FILM COMMENT.
I suspect that many of us have Everson stories.  He came to Brown
University a few times while I was an undergraduate there.  His visits were
always occasions of terrific movie marathons--including fabulously rare
films.  His personal collection was legendary and his knowledge of film
history encyclopedic.
The film community is impoverished by his passing.
Jeremy Butler
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Telecommunication & Film/University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa
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