Foil Productions are currently making a "no-budget" film called Foiled.
It's a
modern-day B-movie, set in a student house in Manchester, UK.
For more information, see the web site:
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The web site gives all the latest information on the production,
including shooting
schedules, a production diary, stills from the film, information about
the cast
and crew, and much more....
Four students sharing a house in Manchester are rudely interrupted one
evening when their pizza-delivery man is attacked and taken over by one
of a
couple of aliens that have crash-landed their spacecraft in the
vicinity. Chaos
ensues when the aliens decide that all witnesses to their existence must
eliminated. Against all the odds three of the four survive to a final
in a graveyard where they must face the ultimate challenge...
Hope to hear any comments you may have.....
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