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>Date:    Mon, 27 Jan 1997 09:13:12 -0800
>From:    Eric Borer <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Seeking a Documentary...
>Maybe this seems like a simple question, but...
>I'm looking for the title of a documentary (released last year?) about the
>Virginia Senatorial race between Ollie North and Chuck Robb. Does anyone
>know if it's available on video? I just called Facets, and they weren't
>too helpful.
Actually, there were two of them released last year, one being "Ollie's
Army" and the other being "A Perfect Candidate".
I didn't see Ollie's Army, but A Perfect Candidate was quite good.
"Movies are craft, they're not art.  The art comes out of the craft.  For
example, you may have a great idea for a painting, but can you paint?  If
you say `no' then your idea is worthless because there's no way for you to
project that idea.  It's being able to execute the idea that sets you
        --cinematographer Gordon Willis
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