Greetings fellow Screen-Lers,
I am in need of some assistance. I'm doing some research on
stereotypical roles of television sitcom characters. This is what I'm
looking for:
ANY publication (book, magazine, video, film, textbook, article,
etc...) that contains a classification system, that is, one that
explains the characteristics or the CRITERION necessary for a
fictional character to be labeled, for example, a Blond Bombshell (Chrissy on
Three's Company), a Breadwinner (Ward Cleaver), the Unruly Housewife
(Roseanne), ETC.....
I've dug almost to the pits of Hades and the heat is getting to me.
ANY info will be welcomed with open arms.
         Clint Yoby
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TCF Dept/University of Alabama
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 NBC is gonna flex and cast their image in you."
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