> There's a film from the late 80s, I believe, called Let's Get Lost.
> It's a documentary about Chet Baker directed by Bruce Weber.  Does
> anyone know anything else directed by this person?  Is he the same
> Bruce Weber who is a fashion photographer?  Is he the same Bruce Weber
> who was an avant garde filmmaker in the 60s and 70s (is there such a >
> person?).  Help!
Bruce Weber, the fashion photographer, directed a documentary called
Broken Noses before directing Let's Get Lost.  Broken Noses is about a
boxing school for boys in Portland, Oregon.
Weber has also directed several music videos, including Pet Shop Boys'
"Being Boring" and "Se a Vida E (That's The Way Life Is)"
All his films and videos feature his trademark beautifully focussed black
& white images of the male body.
Hope this helps,
David McCallum
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