Liz Weis's reply tickles me.  I remember having heard from someone else
the tale of actors handling dubbing jobs for multiple "original" clients,
but this particular one wasn't one of the cases.  Don't remember my
source.  But I'm convinced it's part of the practice.  I think Robert
Kolker's dubbing of adr as addition dialogue replacement misses by a
notch; it's additional dialogue recording, which opens more doors but
certainly includes replacement.  We seem to be searching for authenticity
here, don't we.  I'm sure I don't have to bring SINGING IN THE RAIN to
anybody's attention as a kind of template for a lot of the thoughts
hidden between the lines of these fascinating letters.
I hope I echo a lot of other people's sentiments when I say it's such a
pleasure to read this discussion and know that discussions like it ARE
BACK (Pomerance dubbing Poltergeist).
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