At 7:18 AM 12/14/96, Peggi Weaver wrote:
>> On Wed, 11 Dec 1996, David Desser wrote:
>> (I do wish they'd also translate song lyrics and the
>> like, which are usually left out.)
>Disney has their own translation department and all of its animated films
>are cast with the same requirements of the English version.  All the songs
>are translated and sung by the voice performers in the other than English
>version. I've always liked Luis Miguel's  voice (Mexican singer) and was
>glad Disney is using him in the Spanish version of Hunchback.
>I was asked a couple of years ago to translate a film for video release
>and the songs were included in the material to translate.
>Be patient David,  things are changing.
I did NOT write the lines about translation ascribed to me.  In point of
fact, I do NOT wish that song lyrics be translated, but that's besides the
point.  Please be careful when using this e-mail technology.
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