"The actor's voice is as much a part of the performance and thus of the
film as any other single element." (Meredith McKinn)  Indeed so, as is the
opportunity to encounter visuals uninterrupted by the requirement to read
subtitles beneath.  It is amusing, to me, to discover how automatically
Americans, unaccustomed to excellent dubbing, assume that modifying the
aural encounter is verboten, whereas reconfiguring the visual encounter is
acceptable.  The point is that a choice has to be made if movies relying
on other languages are to be comprehended by those who only speak English,
and, as a comparison of the two laserdiscs released to the English market
of AUTUMN SONATA will confirm (one subtitled, the other with the dialogue
of Bergman and Ullman dubbed into English by Bergman and Ullman!), the
choice for careful and concerned filmmakers cannot be presupposed.  (A
final note: if one wishes to understand the problem, one cannot compare
films which have been well-subtitled with those badly dubbed.  One must
compare well-dubbed with well-subtitled versions, and ponder the results.)
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