STUDENT MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL 1997
*This festival is organized entirely by and for students. All tapes
will be reviewed by peer committees comprised of students of time
based media. SMARTfest is seeking a wide variety if interesting and
challenging time based work that demonstrates the concerns of
students of all ages. All genres and subjects welcome.
*All entries should include an Artist's Statement (a short
description about each piece), and a stamped self addressed mailer
for return of tapes.
*Selected tapes will be included in a six week exhibition held at the
Visual Studies Workshop Gallery and will also be aired over Greater
Rochester Cablevision's Community TV for a period of twelve weeks. In
addition, the festival will become part of the extensive archives of
the Visual Studies Workshop Media Center.
*Please contact us with any questions or requests to view this or any
of the past Student Media Arts exhibitions.
*Work must have been completed after January 1995.
*Maximun length of any title is 28:00 minutes.
*Submitting student is responsible for any copywrited material
*Do not send masters, originals or irreplacable materials.
*Please be sure that you have included an entry form, return postage,
SASE, and brief Artist's Statement.
* Tapes cannot and will not be returned unless postage is included.
*Copies of Exhibition tapes will be retained for the Media Center
Archive at the Visual Studies Workshop.
Visual Studies Workshop
31 Prince Street
Rochester, NY 14607-1499
(716) 242-0166
NOTIFICATION: On or by April 1, 1997.
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