CALL FOR PAPERS
                                             27-27 JUNE 1997
*The Conference organizers welcome proposals on any topic in Screen
Studies, We are, however, particularly interested in encouraging a
strand of discussion within the conference on the forms which Screen
Studies takes in the late 1990's - the redefinitions it has gone
through in the last decade, the problems which it faces and the
achievements which it celebrates - in a variety of national,
disciplinary, and institutional contexts.
*Proposals of 200 words to be sent to:
Caroline Beven
John Logie Baird Centre
Glasgow University
G12 8QQ
Scotland UK
**Proposals must arrive by January 6, 1997.
         Clint Yoby
   mailto:[log in to unmask]
TCF Dept/University of Alabama
"G.E. is gonna flex and try and annex the truth.
 NBC is gonna flex and cast their image in you."
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