Note: This is not a request for additional program titles, but an
observation about recent representations of academics (especially English/
lit. Profs).
What I have learned about professors from watching PEARL (on CBS) and
1. Profs. know the names of all 200 students in the lecture hall.
2. Profs. don't have offices.  They talk to students, friends and colleagues
in their classrooms.
3. Profs. teach in only one classroom.
4. Profs. don't spend a whole lot of time preparing classes, reading papers
and grading exams.
5. Profs. have no colleagues except a few friends in other depts.
6. Profs. do not have to deal with committee work, advising, grant-writing,
peer review or other such nonsense.
7. Profs. do not have to answer to dept. chairs, deans, or peer reviewers.
8. Profs. do not have to worry about tenure, promotion, or cost-per-student
9. Profs. do not have or need computers.
So--Is this just Columbia (setting for THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES, or am I
missing out on something really good?  (For a corrective, I will now sit
down with a copy of Diane Glancy's MOO!)
Don Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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