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"Spectrocom Global Media Links" cordially invites you to visit
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The site introduces you to the:
    *  Largest Cyber-Guide of Entertainment/Media Hyper-Links
       encompassing the world of production with over
       1,200 Links leading with sub-links to more than 225,000
       Web-Sites ...and growing!
    *  Producer's Masterguide ISBN: 0-935744-15-0;ISSN: 0732-6653;
       LOC: 83-641703 - the exclusive international production
       manual for the Motion Picture, Broadcast-Television,
       Commercials, Cable & Videotape Industries. The most
       comprehensive compilation of all phases of Entertainment
    *  "Ask the Experts" - a world-wide network of experts will
       answer any of your entertainment production related
       questions FREE OF CHARGE!
Join us and discover the best information tools needed in the
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