On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Dennis Doros wrote:
> It's compared to ithe CD revolution, but does anyone buy a
> movie to watch on the way to work or out for a jog?
The only real advantages I can see to the new technology are the obvious
one of saving storage space and the less obvious one of eliminating the
need to flip discs--if indeed that's the case.  It's no big deal if
you just want to see the movie straight through on the kind of disc that
is formatted like a phonograph record (I can't remember the names of the
two formats right now), but if you are using the other type, the
disc-flipping and the wait for reinitialization can be  a bit irritating,
especially to a student audience.  And if you're using the disc, as I do,
in class and want to show clips back-to-back from different parts of the
film, it can be very disruptive indeed.
Meredith McMinn
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