Tony Williams mentions:
"He returns to his high school in the 70s which has radically
changed. His former youthful friends have aged and become "monsters." Another
Cohen variation on the theme "the monster needs to be protected from society
rather than vice versa."
 Also the opening prologue to WICKED STEPMOTHER with the "Hells Grannies" in
the police lineup - the funniest part ofthe film - as well as the ten
minutes Bette Davis footage showing her as a chain-smoking, sexually active
 You may also want to look up Ramona Curry's recent book on Mae West and her
defence of SEXTETTE (sic!) defending the mid-80s persona of West (obviously
dubbed and arthritic on the set due to lack of movement) in terms of an
older woman remaining in charge of her body and sexuality."
That werewolf picture almost sounds like a variation on THE PICTURE OF DORIAN
GRAY, which has been filmed at least twice (the first version, with George
Sanders and Hurd Hatfield is better).
The "Hell's Grannies" reminds me of the bits in the Monty Python anthology film
And if you're thinking of Grand Old Ladies (including Mae West?), there are
DRIVING MISS DAISY, the later work of Lillian Gish (from NIGHT OF THE HUNTER
through THE WHALES OF AUGUST) and Katharine Hepburn in GRACE QUIGLY.
Those two last films ought to be of special relevance to your project.
Don Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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