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                                            Krin Gabbard
                                            Comparative Studies
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                                            19-Nov-1996 10:54pm EST
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Subject: Black Masculinity
Dear Colleagues,
I'm working on a paper about Hollywood's investment in white masculinity, often
at the expense of black masculinity.  This is especially clear in _Ransom_, a
film that has white villains even though the real struggle is between the
wealthy white hero and the hypermasculine black FBI agent.  Although Delroy
Lindo as the FBI man would seem to be holding all the cards as the most
masculine character, he is consistently outmanned by Mel Gibson.  Much the same
can be said of _An Officer and a Gentleman_, _Lethal Weapon_, _Get Shorty_,
_Seven_, _Die Hard With a Vengeance_, _Dusk to Dawn_, and _The Glimmer Man_.
There are surely others.  Any suggestions?  I would like to compile a thorough
list of American films in which highly masculine blacks are overshadowed in
some significant way by white men.
Thanks in advance for your help.
        Krin Gabbard
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