Thanks to all of you who have answer my query about "Nuit et brouillard".
Here is the result of this query (sorry for the incoherent reference
presentation, I have just copy-pasted the messages I received into this one...):
John Moses, "Vision Denied in Night and Fog and Hiroshima Mon Amour",
in *Film Quarterly*, Vol. 15 No. 3, 1987.
James Monaco *Alain Resnais: The Role of Imagination* (1979)
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in *Journal of Communication Inquiry* 9.1 (Winter 1985) pp. 62-75.
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in Film and History, vol XI, No. 1, feb. 1985: 2-15.
Emily Zants, *Creative Encounters with French Film* (Edwin Mellen Press).
INSDORF Annette (1989): Indelible shadows. Film and the Holocaust.
Cambridge [don't exactly know which publisher - a University Press, as far
as I recall]
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bibliog. 237-42.  filmog. 243-47.  "Night and Fog" 47-50.
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screenplay and several commentators speaking on the film including Francois
Nuit et brouillard by Alain Resnais, Richard Raskin.  Aarhus University
Press, 1987
Screening the Holocaust, Ilan Avisar.  Indiana University Press, 1988
Alain Resnais' Nuit et brouillard: A Historical and Cultural Analysis.
Holocaust Studies Annual, vol. 3 1985: 107-120
Thanks again!
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