The Birdcage, of course, is a very recent example (though it is an
American adaptation of LaCage, it is valid in its own right.)  Bringing
Up Baby has an extended scene in which Katherine Hepburn's character has
stolen Cary Grant's character's clothes while he was showering and he is
forced to put on her frilly robe and slippers, subsequently encountering
several new characters in this condition and trying to explain himself.
Since the female characters are the stronger, more aggressive ones in
this film, while the Grant character is rather passive, reticent,
straight-laced and naive, it does involve a version of role reversal.
Many other films, of course, toy with this idea, particularly those in
the screwball comedy genre, such as Adam's Rib.  Oh, and there's also
Victor Victoria, among recent cross-dressing films--a woman posing as a
man posing as a woman (reminiscent of Shakespeare in that, though again
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