Pardon the lapse into pure commercialism (heaven forefend that such a faux
pas occur in the world of film!), but I'd like to bring to your collective
attention a new web site which I've been developing as part of a day job.
The site is called MovieMatch, and it's been designed by a team at Creative
Multimedia in Portland, OR (best known to y'all as makers of the
"Blockbuster" CD-ROM movie guide, I'd reckon).
MovieMatch is built around the idea that most people watch most of the
movies they see on TV (whether on tape, laser or via some sort of
broadcast), with their friends or families, while noshing something, etc.
It features six rotating columnists -- 4 film critics, a home technology
guru, and a chef -- who tackle different sorts of films from different
family-friendly perspectives.
We've got a Movie Mom and a Teen Critic who write about mainstream releases
in ways that their names make fairly obvious, a Video Librarian who
specializes in non-fictional video, and a Collector (film historian Frank
Thompson) who writes about new-to-video, newly remastered and other
hard-to-find delights.
Check it out, and drop a line via our instant e-mail feature to let us know
what you think.  It's a daily, mutating, living beast, so try it a few
different days!
Aim your browser at:
All best -- you may now return to your usual critical pursuits!
Shawn Levy
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