I'd have to disagree with ALIENS as a scary movie, but ALIEN - the first
one (1979) - now that was/is scary.  I remember when I first saw it, at the
age of 16, I had to put my jacket over my head a couple of times I was so
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is maybe not even scary - just, I don't know,
evil.  It makes me really unhappy, and I have nightmares.
I still like the original DRACULA and KING KONG, and Coppola's DRACULA as
well, for scary movies.  AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON is also scary, as is
WOLFEN.  And *of course* the first two BODY SNATCHERS - the original, and
the remake with Donald Sutherland and the fabulous soundtrack with Denny
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