Dear List,
Hi, everybody.  I'm a new subscriber who has been lurking for about a week.
 I guess I'm what the List "Welcome" document describes as a knowledgeable
layperson.  I'm a legal writer and editor.  I'm also a past member of
Northern California Women in Film & Television.
On the "Peeping Tom"/"Psycho" issue, I think one of the salient points is
that "Peeping Tom" was so different from Powell's previous films, while
"Psycho" remained right in keeping with Hitchcock's suspense genre.  I think
the audiences who adored "Colonel Blimp," "The Red Shoes," and "A Matter of
Life and Death" just refused to accept "Peeping Tom."  My mother is of the
generation who saw Powell's films in their first theatrical runs.  She loved,
and still loves, his films.  But she never could bring herself even to see
"Peeping Tom" (despite my raves).
That said, I'm not wholly satisfied with this explanation myself.  I think
it's only a piece of the puzzle.  I'd be interested to hear what other folks
have to say.
Cynthia Bussiere
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San Francisco, California
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