Re Emily Davies' request for films dealing with an intellectual
about protagonists whose motivation is to know, to understand,
make sense of the world(not who dunit).
An interesting
slant on this is a who dunit film where the main
is a policeman whose religious beliefs and the way in
he understands and makes sense of the world
 is completely
different from the isolated
Scottish pagen community in which
a suspicious death has occured.
The clash of beliefs and
motivations and understandings in which the
world works culminates
in a devastating finale with each side still
failing to understand
the other.
The film is  The Wicker Man(dir Robin Hardy,GB,1973)
 I would in turn
like to ask some questions on this film with
regard to a project I
am doing on soundtracks:
1.Was there
a soundtrack of this?  If so is it still available?
was a rumour of a single of the film theme tune - 'Corn Rigs'
 or 'Corn Rigs 14' by a group called Magnet - any ideas?
above tune was written by Paul Gionanni and published by British
Lion Music. Does anyone know who or where he is?
Any help
would be appreciated
Thank You
Clive Farrell
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