> that may help Patricia in constructing her programme, is how
> vital it is to flesh out such 'simple truths', developing them into
> graspable and understandable issues, rather than letting such
> material stand for itself: once the eye is caught, that's when the
> brain must be fired up for action!
I suppose it depends on who the audience is. Personally I prefer the
opposite approach, unpacking something that is complex, its much more
pleasurable, and my experience with showing things is that people are apt
to be satisfied with a simple explanation and a confirmation of their
prejudices, rather that imagine a different argument.
> (Cool name...what's it mean?  I collect name meanings!)
Infinite. And I also think one of the authoresses of the Rig Veda was
called Shashwati. The Sanskrit root is Shashwat, and unlike other names
does not describe an attribute, but rahter a mathematical/philosophical
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