Pump Up the Volume
Talk Radio
This is Spinal Tap (anybody who's worked in the music business knows
how little is exaggerated)
American Hot Wax
Sonic Outlaws (documentary about art & intellectual property issues)
Absolute Beginners
To Die For
Nick Hornsby's "High Fidelity" (perceptive novel about life in a record
store and how music is or can be part of daily life)
Roddy Doyle "The Committments" (the movie stunk but the novel doesn't
just capture struggle at the low end of the business but shows how
artists work across cultures)
Joseph Horowitz "Understanding Toscanini" (the classical music racket)
Greil Marcus "Dead Elvis"
Jonathan Rosenbaum "Moving Places"
and if you can find a copy Gordon Burns' "Alma" (UK: "Alma Cogan") may
be the best--certainly the most unsettling--novel about music,
fantasies and celebrity.
Best, Lang Thompson
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