I'm sorry that my first message about the rytm of one screenplay
was not clear. It's mean no only sound and music, but the rythm of
text and image. I have write the screens of 12 series educational
TV program. The theme was -menagement-. This theme is very modern
in Bulgaria.So, I was sure that the whole rythm must be something
like jazz, like diksy, because the life become faster and faster..
Now I'm not so sure. There is something wrong, the rythm is not
exact and the viewer can't get the usefull information of the pro-
gram.Now i have a new contarct. This will be again educational program.
The theme is Bulgarian grammar.Each of series must be 12 minutes
long.The whole serials will be 12 series.And my problem is how many
information ?How many examples? May be it will be somethink like
Strausse music.
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