That heading sounds a bit conceited, doesn't it?  But it did get your
attention, I hope.
That's just they way I am, creative and an "attention Grabbing" writer.  Yet,
I'm far from being conceited, trust me.  In fact, I'm an extremely nice guy.
Anyway, I am really excited to have discovered this World Wide "Chat Line."
I'm definitely interested in getting to know all of you better and reading what
you have to say.  Possibly, we can also help each other out in many ways; for
example: by educating each other or simply  assisting each other in any project
in which any of us may need mutual cooperation.
Let me tell you a little about myself.  I graduated from St. Thomas University
in Miami, FL, although I was initiated to the Delta Chi Fraternity at Florida
International University.  So if you're a College Greek, especially a Delta
Chi, I would love to talk to you more.  Nevertheless, I am employed by
Discovery Latin America's Network Operation Department and I'm extremely proud
of that.
I am also planning several projects on my own, of which I may need some help.
Some of these projects include screenplays and others include books.  I would
like to concentrate my first project on a book, but I really had not had to
time to do any research on it.  If intrigued please let me know.
Finally, I has been a pleasure, hope we get to talk or E-mail each other soon.
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