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Human Rights Festival at Lincoln Center
New Film & Video by Palestinian & Israeli Directors Travels in North
America 1996-1997.
Six recent works( not previously screened in U.S.) by five directors offer
personal accounts of day to day life both for Palestinians and Israelis.
Intended to go beyond the news coverage, largely that of violent events and
policy discussions,the  Chronicling Coexistence programs portray ordinary
people from all walks of life engaged in an impressive range of efforts at
dialogue and cooperation.
The May 1996 elections in Israel have created considerable anxiety in both
the Middle East and the international community. Still it is clear that the
everyday people in these film & video works want an end to the cycles of
violence, and are prepared to take action towards a better future.
1.FORBIDDEN MARRIAGES IN THE HOLY LAND(1995/66min) by veteran Palestinian
director Michel Khleifi, portrays 8 couples of Muslim, Christian and Jewish
origin who have married outside their faith.  Despite the often painful
consequences, each couple braves the wrath of family, friends & neighbors
to raise their own children in an atmosphere of affection and tolerance.
2.EDGE OF PEACE(1995/103min), directed by Ilan Ziv (an unusual
American/Palestinian/Israeli production) presents 6 video diaries made by
Israelis and Palestinians during the turbulent period from the signing of
the Peace Accords to the arrival of Arafat in Gaza.
3.YOU,ME,JERUSALEM(1995/53 min) also a collaboration between Israeli
director Micha Peled, and Palestinian documentarist, George Khleifi,
follows a volunteer ambulance crew and their families in Jerusalem from
morning till night. Despite ideological differences, the mixed crew
functions smoothly together, playing cards, and taking cigarette breaks,
amidst the constant pressure of rushing to aid city residents.
4.GIVE PEACE A CHANCE(1994/4 hrs,), commissioned by French TV from Amos
Gitai is divided into 4 sections. In the course of these, we visit a
childrens theater in the Jenin Refugee camp, hear from Palestinian workers
in the orange groves, observe political negotiations at Eilat, listen to
writers on both sides recite their work, and meet an engaging troupe of
young Israeli & Palestinian dancers from Jerusalem.
5.CURFEW(1993/75min) is Palestinian director Rashid Masharawi's gentle
dramatic portrayal of a family in Gaza during one long day and night of the
6. INTEZZAR(1996/26min) is the directors' intriguing  short documentary
about his own upbringing in and critique of the U.N. established refugee
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