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ARENA OF MURDER (1996/35mm/color/80min)
Just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept 5-14),
ARENA OF MURDER chronicles a country still in a state of shock over the
assasination of Yitzak Rabin. Starting with a brief interview with Lea
Rabin, the filmaker journeys between the Golan and Gaza, talking to
workers, generals, friends,intellectuals and musicians seeking some way to
process the incomprehensible event. Accompanied by a haunting Stockhausen
score (vocals performed by Hanna Schygulla), the film has the quality of a
lament for the utopian dreams of Israel's founders, as well as for the lost
hopes of a peaceful existence  for todays youth.
DEVARIM (1995/35mm/color/110min)
Adapted from Yaakov Shabtai's best-selling novel PAST CONTINUOUS, Gitai's
drama explores the national mythologies of identity via a portrait of life
in  present-day Tel Aviv. Both novel and film juxtapose the older european
generation  with the younger --- which has inherited the aspirations but
not the strength or conviction of the former. The fragmentary style of the
editing, dialogue and stories echoes the confusions and contradictions of
all the characters, as they muddle through their lives, loves, and family
dramas.   Assi Dayan gives a sharp, restless performance  as  Caesar -- a
second generation Tel Aviv native, and is complemented by haunting
performances from young actor Amos Schub, and famous cabaret singer Riki
Gal. DEVARIM seems an almost uncanny portrait of a nation moving towards
the tragic  events of 1995 which have thrown into high relief, the deep
fissures of current Israeli society and identity.
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