When I went on my search for a newsgroup with acting on my mind, I came
upon Screen-L and eagerly searched its contents.  But I soon realized that
I had made a mistake.  Screen-L seems to be about such a wide range of
film topics--which is great--but I'm interested in acting.  I found
Screen-L interesting, and I did enjoy many of the topics discussed, but
they just weren't what I was looking for.  So I searched and searched, but
to no avail.  Acting seems to be a hidden topic.  With that in mind, I
would like to know if anyone knows of another group--or anything, for that
matter--that might help me in my...quest.  I do not mean to insult anyone,
as I have found Screen-L to be informative, and well put together, but not
what I'm looking for.  Thank you so much.
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