On Tue, 10 Sep 1996 10:30:17 -0400 Dennis Doros said:
>orchestra, the ticket takers, the projectionist(s), the ushers, maintainence
>people and every other staff member imaginable. In other words, a huge amount
>of union workers. And of course, this was to be duplicated at every theater
>around the country. For a five+ hour film to open in the evening this means
>golden time to pay the staff.
Imagine the nerve of those ticket takers, projectionist(s), ushers, et al
wanting a decent wage to compensate for the the pleasure of working past
midnight for the edification of those who really understand what's
I'm appalled at the gratuitous snipping at union workers.  Maybe it would
be better if "those people" worked for minimum wage and were grateful for
the opportunity.
sarcastically yours, cal
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