Can you help me find movies in which a still photograph "comes into focus"
before our eyes?  I'm thinking of scenes where something initially
indecipherable gradually reveals additional visual information through being
blown up, computer-enhanced, put through filters, etc.  Examples are:
Blow-Up, Call Northside 777, and Patriot Games.  Even a photo being swished
around in developing fluid, the image gradually emerging as we watch, would
I don't mean that the cinematic image itself comes into focus, but that the
"development process" has been filmed.
I'm also interested in the aural equivalent, as in The Conversation and
Blow-Out. Or cases where a painting is x-rayed or manually "stripped" in
some way to reveal a hidden image underneath (as in A Question of Attribution).
Appreciate your help.
Barbara Bernstein
Barbara Bernstein                       San Francisco, CA
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