Sam wrote:
"In U.S. and in most other countries in the world, the films
(35mm & 16mm) run 24 frames per second (in France, it is 25 fps.)"
Close, but no Galois.
All 35mm theatrical films (are photographed and projected in theaters at 24
frames/sec., except, of course, for fast and slow motion.
Material photographed for European television (including France) is usually
exposed at 25 frames/second, because that is the transmission rate of
European television systems (originally derived from the standard electric
supply, which is 50 cycles/sec).
In the U.S., material intended for television is usually photographed at 24
frames/second and an ingenious shutter system allows transmission at 30
frames/second (based on the U.S. standard 60 cycle electricity).
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