Dear Bonnie and other in the slow-motion debate.
  Is a director's cut of THE OPSTERMAN WEEKEND available on video? I gave a
paper on the film at the 1989 Society for Cinema Studies Conference and plan
reworking it into an article sometime. I was very impressed with Peckinpah's
"last testament" (as I term it) and noted what he attempted to do despite
the inconsistencies. It is a very sadly underrated and neglected film.
 During a recent visit to St. Louis I obtained a pressbook with stills
several of which show a sadly aged Sam with Burt Lancaster.
  If you'd like to e-mail me privately, my address is [log in to unmask]
THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND is a favorite film of mine and one I'd like further
information about.
  As Michael Powell once told me in 1981, "We all borrow from each other in
this business."
    Tony Williams
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