Well sir, last night (or afternoon, depending on your time-zone
perspective) we had our first SCREENchat session.  About a dozen
lively individuals gathered to talk about the issue of Media
Quite entertaining.
The transcript of the session is on the Web at TCF Online's Chat Site
(the University of Alabama's Department of Telecommunication and Film
sponsors SCREENchat):
We'll have another "official" chat session in about a month, but
SCREENchat is *always* open for folks to drop by and talk about
film/TV studies.  In fact, a group of Australians from the last chat
plan to get together for an informal discussion next week at the same
Monday, 29 July 1996
7:00 p.m., Los Angeles
9:00 p.m., Tuscaloosa, Alabama (SCREENchat's home)
10:00 p.m., New York
11:00 p.m., Buenos Aires
Tuesday, 30 July 1996
3:00 a.m., London and, I believe, GMT
4:00 a.m., Paris, Stockholm
5:00 a.m., Cairo
10:00 a.m., Beijing
11:00 a.m., Tokyo
12:00 noon, Wollongong, Sydney
Stay tuned for the topic of our chat next month!
Jeremy Butler
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SCREENsite:  http://www.sa.ua.edu/SCREENsite/
Telecommunication and Film/University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa
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