>The largest problem is the asking fee (reportedly $2,000,000) which is
>undoubtedly overestimating the American public for serious artwork (notable
>exceptions noted). The second, and most interesting question would be the
>American press' response to Kusturica's financing of the film, which was a
>major problem in France.
It was not really a problem, at least not a major one. Some few and marginal
newspapers took "Underground" as a movie representing rest-Jugoslavia. This,
by the way, seems to be a rather stupid attitude: to punish artists and
intellectuals for the crimes of their government.
"Reportedly $ 2.000.000". This is a sum which I don't believe. The French
producer is clever enough to know what he can get. Maybe he wanted to wait a
little, until the situation in Belgrade would calm down. What it did, since
the gangsters are not any more in power (news from yesterday).
Klaus Eder
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